17The very first book that I read of “Jodi Picoult” was “The Pact” in 2006. Instantly I loved the book. She seemed to me a writer of high energy and conviction and the way she brought life to the subtly drawn characters caught up in a tragedy made her one of my favorite author among many others. I decided after “The Pact” , i have to get to know her more by reading her other books.

So then I read “Mercy”.This book could have been just a competent novel about a mercy killing but  instead with her fine touch and sharp eye for detail it became a story of an “inspired meditation on love”. She definitely has a firm grasp of delicacy in the complexity of human relationships.

Then I read the incredible”My Sister’s Keeper”.What a book??? “Emotional!”  “Sad!” yet “Uplifting!”, “Tiumphant!” as well as “Passionate!” and “extremely powerful”. This book was a real page turner, the fascinating study of the characters in a complex and gripping situation. The author really defies us to put this novel down once we have begun it!!!!!

Then came in my hands “Change of Heart”.Here she writes about religion without crossing the line of preaching.Though this book deals with many of the modern day controversial issues as – death penalty,religions, bioethics and such thought provoking isuues yet at the same time it is entertaining.The characters are first paced and well crafted and gain logical empathy from the readers.

Last year I read “Nineteen Minutes”, it’s based on high school shooting which in the recent years has been on the headlines far more than we wish for…This book is chilling, yet tender…it’s hard to put it down.”Nineteen Minutes is not just about a school shooting. Picoult explores other themes…such as the idea of identity. Do we ever really know the people closest to us? How do we know what is authentic and who wears a mask hiding their motivations?” The gun control debate is discussed quiet fairly showing both sides of this controversial isuues in our society.This book was hard to put down yet difficult to read.

Right after that I read “Vanishing Acts”. This book I didn’t like that much.The book is written in the first person and the narration seemed to me forced. The narration disturbs the natural flow of the author’s work for which I like to read her books so much.

Her another book “The Tenth Circle” also didn’t appeal me that much.Though the novel deals with many modern time issues auch as date rape, self- deception, parental responsibility yet some part of it quiet didn’t ring true.

Jodi’s “Harvesting the Heart”.. I simply love it. This book ,many women can identify themselves with…the author with her naturality “”explores the fragile ground of ambivalent motherhood”.

I have many more books to read and Iam looking forward to them.I personally find her a writer whose books are the perfect cocktail of literary and the commercial.I love her as an author so Iam ending my review with one of my favorite quote written by her:

“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not”