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 Aaron D. Taylor was raised in a Midwestern charismatic church with the belief that Christians had a duty to take up arms in defense of their government and the ideals of freedom. He supported our actions in Iraq and asserted that only one political party was the appropriate home for true believers of God. After a meeting in London with Khalid, a militant jihadist, Taylor came away with a deep questioning of the ideals that, up to that moment, formed a cornerstone for his theology. In Alone with a Jihadist, Aaron Taylor shares his personal revelation that Christians are not to be supporters of military or other violent solutions to the world’s problems.






















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Alone With A Jihadist is not just another book about Islamic-Christian relations. It is far more than that. This book may very well be the solution to end all religious/quasi-political warfare.While many fundamentalist/evangelicals tend to ascribe to a Zionist theology, which believes that it is good to be at war with anyone who opposes the Christian right, to expedite the glorious return of the Messiah, there is one crusader, Aaron Taylor, who believes otherwise.Taylor believes that the church has sadly missed the most pronounced message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace.

The very Bible, which Christians read, refers to their founder as The Prince of Peace. Despite this, many Christians support warmongering and unnecessary bloodshed rather than peacemaking. In a room for seven hours with a radical Muslim,Taylor shares the story from his face-to-face encounter, of how Islamic people view the United States of America, our present Administration, and the state of the Christian Church. It is one thing to look at Christianity from a Christians’ perspective, which is typically an altruistic viewpoint, but things change quite a bit when Christianity is viewed through the eyes of Muslims. Taylor says, “Their [Muslims] view is one every Christian must hear!” This is the engaging story of that meeting.


 The Day I Got left Behind

By Aaron D, Taylor

The year was 1988. Iwas 11years old and my younger brother Paul was 7 years old.My family was visiting my aunt whao lived in what we called at the time the “boondocks” of Missouri. Iam not sure if the word is still around today but back then it meant middle of nowhere and, with the nearest neighborhood a mile away, taht is exactly what it felt like the day my brother and I were walking and talking ina nearby f ield.
As my brother and I were talking and minding our buisness, something out of the ordinary happened that we still haven’t been able to explain to this day. From seemingly out of nowhere, we heard a piercing trumpet blast. For most young children, this would have been an insignificant incident, but for my brother and I, it meant the end of the world as we knew it. It just so happened that the day we heard the trumpet blast was the day the Rapture of the Church was predicted to happen by the author of the book “88 Reasons Why The Rapture  will  Happen in 88”.
For those infamailiar with the Left Behind Series, the Rapture is the event millions of  evengelical Christians who follow the diapensational interpretation of Scripture  believe can happen at any time without a moment’s notice. In the rapture scenario Jesus snatches Christians away from the Earth to take them to heaven while leaving the reat of the world to suffer the horrors of the Seven- Year tribulation  prophesied  in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
As children of the charismatic movement, we knew full well the verse in the Bible that says, ” In the twinkling of an eye the trumpet will be sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible” , (I Crointhinans 15:52). The day we heard the trumpet blast my brother and I fully expected that after we blinked our eyes,  the next moment we wwould be in heaven.  After blinking hard a few times, we both looked at each other with the same horrified expression on our faces. ” Oh no !  We’ve been left behind!”  we thought. Immediately we ran inside our aunt’s house and discovered that our parents, our cousins and aunts and uncles  were still standing. For the  rest of the day we were thinking to ourseslves that not only had we been left behind, but our entire family had been left behind as well.
As i went to bed that night, I remember raking my brain trying to figure out what my entire family could have done so wrong  to suffer such an awful fate. Niether my brother nor I were fully convinced that the Rapture had not taken place until the next day when the family decided to visit a nearby church. To our relief we were happy to see a church filled with Bible Believeing Christians worshipping Lord togather. We figured that all these Christians could not have been left behind, especially not the Pastor. As our family worshipped the Lord togather that day, I was inwardly thanking God that I was not going to take the mark of the beast, or swim in a river o blood any time soon. The relief quickly turned to dissapointmnet when I relized I still had to go to school next day.
As innocent as this story is, I’ve told it for a reason. An Evangelical christian may read this story and reminisce about the wonders of  child-like faith, but a secular American read this story is likely to have a different reaction. For millions of secular Americans Left Behind theology promoted by TBN, the 700 club, and bestselling prophesy pundits not only delusional but dangerous. The thinking goes something like this.  if millions of Americans believe this doctrine, and these same Americans are the most powerful voting blocks in the country, why would people who believe the world is heading for an apocalyptic meltdown care about global warming and protecting the rainforest? To further complicate matters in the minds of secular Americans , the leading advocates of the Rapture theory are also the most vocal  advocates for neo-conservative politics, which, in their minds, is the belief that America should back Israel unconditionally, wage pre-emptive wars to establish pro-western democracies, and give little to no regard to what the U.N. has to say about it.
Atleast that’s how the “Left” sees things. No longer are we the Evangelicals the persecuted minority. We are the ones holding our card with our Apostle – In – Chief holding the highest office in the country. As unfounded as many of the theocracy accusations from the far-left are American Evangelicals, especially those raised on Left –  Behind theology, are facing some tough questions right now, and will face many more in the future. American Evangelicals are still the most vocal supporters of the Iraq war, a war that is a quagmire in the eyes of many, and it seems that hardly a day goes by without a TV preacher calling for war with Iran.
To make matters worse these same TV preachers  also raise millions of dollars to finance Jewish settlements in the West Bank  and the Gaza Stip, givinh little to no consideration to the fact that the people they are displacing might actually be human beings with families to feed. never mind the fact that both sides of the israeli/Plastenian conflict have commited atrocities against each otherbeyond anything with we in our fast food, mall shopping, church hopping American culture can concieve of. Never mind the fact that Jesus said ” Blessed are the Peacemakers” and yet, when Israel was blasting the Lebanese with smithereens last year , preachers were calling it a “Miracle of God”  despite the fact that the war actually strengthened Hezbollah’s presence in the region. To top it of according to the left-Behind Theology , if someone comes along with a solution to stop Jews and Plastenians from slaughtering each other , according to the same interpretation of the Scripture, that person has to be the Devil (the Anti christ to be exact).
All of a sudden, a cute little story about a boy thinking he has missed the Rapture isn’t so cute anymore. If millions of others hold to the same beliefs, it could lead to a self – fulfilling pre-mature apocalypse……atleast that’s how the other side sees it. The question Iam asking is this : If a system of biblical interpretation has potentially dangerous consequences for humanity, should it be abandoned or reformed? How about when high profile Evangelicals make statements to the media that we wish would have never been said. Do we get angry with the minister for making us looking like bufoons or do we start questioning the theological underpinnings that produced the statement? There are many in my generation choosing the latter. As a non-official representative of Evangelicals approaching 30, I would like to ask those older and more mature in the faith to pray for us younger evangelicals. Pray that God will guide us as we look to the Scriptures and formulate new wineskins for the 21st centu
ry. Trust me. We are going to need all the prayer we can get.

My Review:

 It is very refreshing to see an Evangelical who believes that the church has sadly missed the most powerful message of Jesus Christ: Peace as opposed to many Fundamentalist/ Evangelicals who believe that they must go to a war whoever is opposed to the Christian rite. Aaron describes his experience of  his encounter with a radical Muslim with whom he spends seven long hours and hears how the muslims see United States as a country, the present administration as well as the christians and the role of Church…That is when he says: “Their (Muslims)  view is one every Christian must hear!” I liked the book very much as the author inspite of his religious beliefs has opened his heart to a very radical religion and willing to see things from their perspective.. I would recommend this book to everybody to understand things more clearly, that every folowing religion shouldn’t make you blind to others, rather it should make you more tolerant and peace loving. Kudos to Aaron D. Taylor, it was very brave of him to write this book.


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