chris tusaI recieved this E-Book through “LibraryThing Member Giveaways” and was asked by author, Chris Tusa to provide a review.


The setting is the slums of New Orleans, where the Trosclair family lives in financial hardship. Hailey’s mother suffered a miscarriage and a back injury and she’s depressed. Her adulterous husband drinks, he’s out of work and spending his days in the pool hall. A divorce seems inevitable. Older brother Cyrus hangs with a bad crowd and has been arrested a few times. Hailey and Cyrus spend more and more time with Moses Watkins, a preacher and ex-con, who is converting an abandoned bank into a drive through church. But Moses is not the answer to their prayers. Instead he leads them on a path to crime and violence.


The book is a modern day fiction with harsh realities…it is not for people who likes happy endings and romanticism.
Dirty Little Angels explores a dysfunctional New Orleans family through the eyes of the 16 year-old girl, Hailey. Hailey’s world contains all the worse  elements of society: poverty, drugs, sex, alienation, an unemployed father who drinks too much and squanders his days at the local pool hall, a mother whose choice of husband caused her to be disowned by her wealthy family, and a brother who thinks nothing of allowing his younger sister entry into his circle of psychopaths and thugs. 
I like the storyline and characters… there is no sugarcoating there…it’s an eyeopener to what’s going on in our modern hi-tech society.  At places in the story quiet amount of humour was well put too, it was needed…… 
Though I must say that the book is too short, I think the story as well the characters needed more space to flourish.
Maybe we will get that from Chris’s next book.
Chris Tusa has certainly showed his originality in this book, and also not to mention a  very powerful voice. I will recommend this book to everybody who doesnot scare away from reality.