200px-Anton_Pavlovich_ChekhovI just finished reading his collection of short stories.This collection will expose you to not only some of the best short stories by Anton Chekhov, but some of the best stories ever written in any language. Chekhov’s sense of mood and characters overrides his need to provide a predictable plot.His work is simple and does not rely heavily on existential characters and events, creating a timeless air.Chekhov may well be the best short story writer to put pen to paper. His stories demonstrate a tight, crisp, and unadorned revelation of character. His charactives act, yearning and struggling to define themselves without authorial intrusion. They’re laid bare by life, as we all are. Many stories capture in a few thousand words what other authors need tens of thousands to achieve. Pure genius. Pure insight. Read and re-read Chekhov, the master of the form.