Grace is a single mom, who works in a flower shop full time, and spends her free time with Sylvie, her sweet little four year old daughter. The two live a simple life, in a not so great part of London, but their life seems happy enough. All seems perfectly normal with Sylvie until she begins having problems in preschool. She has outbursts, exhibits an extreme fear of water, and says odd things to her playmates. She also refuses to call her mother “mum”, and always called her “Grace” instead. She also tells her mother that she does not like living where she does, and wants to go home.Grace is not sure what to do about the way Sylvie has been behaving. She takes her to a therapist who tends to blame the behaviour on her lifestyle. One day while Sylvie is flipping through a magazine, she becomes fixated on a photo of an Irish fishing village called Coldharbour. Her response to the picture is :

“It’s my seaside….I lived there…I lived in a little house, a white house….I had a cave and a dragon”.


darlingIs it possible Sylvie lived in a past life? Grace and Sylvie are invited by Adam, a university professor involved in the paranormal , to go to Ireland on a research grant, and see whether there is any merit to what Sylvie has been saying.


The book cover was very appealing…that’s what had me buying the book. The synopsis that I put up here taken from
“Amazon” was another secondary reason … as when I read the synopsis, it certainly seemed nysterious and thrilling, so I got the book.

Now, after I finished reading… the story? “Decent!”  but  “memorable”? “No”.

Author spends lots of time in earlier chapters painting pictures; showing us rather than telling us.  At the end, writing pace speeds to convey immediacy of action, but ends up telling us the story, and sounding like a cheap paperback synopisis book for a movie.

There was some very good, readable bits. Ending rather disappointing, mostly from a writing standpoint. It’s as if author tried to tie up all the loose ends in a bow as if she were checking a box.

Rent it from your library if you’re curious, otherwise save your $$.