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PUBLICATION: AuthorHouse (2009), Paperback, 288 pages


ISBN: 1438965362



agony hillSummary:


Agony Hill is a compelling debut novel about a high school runner’s self-discovery of friendship and life, written by first-time author Roger Saltsman, a former Brevard College distance runner (1979-1981) Eric Roberts is a successful runner in a small town in North Carolina who finds himself up against a better runner, Trey Allison, the only runner he could not beat. But Eric discovers there is more to life than winning. In an instant, his life changes and he finds himself searching his soul to find out what is really important to him – running or friendship or both. Along with his good friend Mary and an unlikely coach, he finds the answer. Agony Hill is a beautifully crafted tale that’s heartbreaking, inspiring and uplifting. It captures what it is like to win again.



Though “Agony Hill”  is a book about a runner,  but that doesn’t make this book any less appealing to non-runners or non-sportsman,  which is by the way me…   The story revolves around real people and real lives …..That’s what captured me most.  The whole story revolves around life and it’s triumphs and failures   and setting up goals to go forward as you face  difficulties……isn’t that everybody’s life???? Very natural,  and which hard to find in books nowadays.

Roger Saltsman is very passionate in his writing, only thing I have to mention it could have been a little bit more sophisticated……..May be we will see that in his second book. As a first time writer his description of the place and the details in his characters were well written. 


I would certainly call this book as a good one and recommend it to others.