This is quite possibly the best version of Alice ever, and one of the rare versions that includes Through the Looking Glass. This film is so exquisitely done that I remember being both thrilled and terrified! (My mother had to tell me that the Jabberwocky was just a costume that was hung up in a closet before I could go to sleep…and then I was afraid of my closet!) The cast is ideal — no one else could play the Caterpillar so well as Sammy Davis Jr., and only Red Buttons could be such a perfect White Rabbit!

Iwould recommend this movie to anybody for a very simple reason. The movie is full of great talent. Great performances? Not really. But great talent. The enjoyment of this movie is watching some of the true greats in playful roles. If you watch this expecting great acting performances and great cinematic moments with inspiring music then you are a fool. It was never meant to be anything more than a delightfully fun experience with great moments. (Sammy Davis Jr. as the Catapillar is a great example.)

Ok now you all know I love Sammy Davis jr. as Caterpillar……..

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