Supreme Courtship


In the novel, the US is governed by a wildly unpopular president.   Not only is he unpopular with the people, he’s even more unpopular with his own congress. (He vetoes all of their pork barrel projects.) As revenge, the senate subcommittee eviscerates every Supreme Court nominee he sends their way, no matter how honorable and qualified. It’s painful to watch. At his wits end, in an attempt to nominate an untouchable, he nominates Pepper Cartwright, America’s favorite television judge. Hilarity ensues!
A great balance of humor and outlook on Washington. Though sometimes some things may not have been as funny as what may have been intended, there were so many high points where I was laughing that this is worth it to lighten up your day and also adds knowledge of Washington politics and the legal system. Nice combination and good work.

This is my first book by Buckley. It’s a biting, very funny political satire. I will be reading more of Buckley’s books in the future.

Thank you Valerie & Hachett for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book and  to host the giveaway…

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