STORY PLOT:Jesse's Girl

The story opens as a jarring phone wakes lifelong Brooklynite and widowed father Teddy Mentor well after midnight. It’s the Montana wilderness program saying that his 16-year-old adopted son has run away – and they haven’t a clue where he’s gone. Only two weeks ago, Jesse had been taken to the program by escorts to deal with substance abuse problems. Jeopardizing his flagging PR job in New York, Mentor rushes across the country to find Jesse, who is off on his own quest: to find Theresa, the sister he’s never known. When Teddy finally discovers Jesse at a bus stop in Illinois, he is torn between sending him back or joining his son on a journey to find this girl in Kentucky. But he decides to go and they become embroiled in a grisly crime when Theresa’s abusive husband Beau attacks her – Jesse stabs the big beast of a man, leaving him for dead.


Part of being a parent is making sacrifices and this is the focus of Gary Morganstein’s new book, “Jesse’s Girl”. It is a book that deals with addiction and adoption and centers on Teddy Mentor as he and his son look for truth and hope.

It is an interesting venture into family dynamics. This is a book that will keep you reading from the moment you open the covers. Not only does it deal with the relationship between father and son but it also looks at knowing who you are and what roots are. What males the book even more interesting is its point of view. It is written from the perspective of Teddy Mentor, the father and lets us see how much a father can do for his child.
This was my first Gary Morgenstein novel, and hadn’t known what to expect. The strength of his writing and narrative encourage me to look for his other books.

About the Author:


In addition to “Jesse’s Girl,” author Gary Morgenstein’s most recent novels, both available exclusively on, are the political baseball thriller “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and the romantic triangle “Loving Rabbi Thalia Kleinman.”

His chillingly prophetic play “Ponzi Man” played to sell-out crowds at a recent New York Fringe Festival.
A PR consultant for Syfy Channel, Morgenstein lives in Brooklyn, New York, with lots of books and rock and roll CDs. You can visit him at

Thank you to Dorothy Thompsom at Pump Up Your Book Promotion for allowing me to host this stop on the “Jesse’s Girl” book blog tour, and also to Gary Morgenstein for the review copy of “Jesse’s Girl.”