I first read about this meme at Nish’s blog( http://nishitak.wordpress.com/).. The actual meme is posted by author Shannon Hale in her blog.   She has posted a few questions for book bloggers, which to me seems really valid and needs some soul searching… and I think I really, honestly need to look deeper in my heart or head to answer these questions… so, I will try as honestly as I can to answer them…

1.    Do you find that the anticipation of reviewing the book has changed your reading experience?

It depends whether I have already read reviews of the book or not…I try not to read any reviews of a book that I know I will be reviewing later. As if i have already know that the book is being getting good review then the anticipation of reviewing the book sometimes seems influenced… so, nowadays if I have already read reviews about a book I donot review it anymore, I just read it for my own enjoyment.

2.Are you rating the book even as you read? Or do you wait until the end to sum it all up?

Sometimes yes, as Iam reading, in my mind Iam summing up “good” or ” I donot like it that much” etc. but some cases I have seen that in the end I had to change my mind over the course of incidents that happened in the book.

3.  Does knowing you’ll be reviewing it (or rating it) publicly affect which books you pick up in the first place?

No, I read books that interests me by reading the subject matter, in some cases even if the book cover seems attractive!!! in end the book might turn out not to be so good… but putting up my review in public doesn’t affect my reading in any way, because I see that my review might help other readers to make some choices about what they want to read in the future…it’s up to them whether they are going to read the book or not… but that doesn’t  affect me in any way to put good or bad reviews, as it depends solely on the book and nobody else.

 4. Does the process of writing the review itself change how you felt about the book?

No, not really…after I finish a book I have in my mind the final thoughts about it… so, it re,mains the same. But I must mention one thing here, over time (that has to be 3-5yrs) if I read same books that I have read before, my mind changes sometimes… I guess it’s because of our growing experience and maturity level….

5. What is your motivation to assign a rating to a book and declare it to the world?

Frst of all I donot rate any books with numbers as 1 or 2.5 or 5 etc.. I just say whether I liked it or not, if Iam going to recommend others to read it, or buy it things like that.. because likeness of a book totally depends on that particular person who is reading the book, many bestsellers with high ratings turned out to be clunkers to me… may be it’s just me, who didn’t get it…

6. If you review a book but don’t rate, why not? What do you feel is your role as reviewer?

I always mention if I like a book or not… as I feel I really need to express that…

Iam still trying to get, what actually ia my role???  Reviewing to me, is writing my thoughts about the book and off course writing style of the author…but then again many people are reading these reviews… for them I guess to inform them about a new book, about the author and through my review they can decide whether they are going to read it or not… or if somebody has already read and reviewed that particular book they can leave their thoughts… as everybody has their own ,mind… that’s what makes reviewing interesting and sometimes entertaining too..

I would love to know from you all bloggers out there what you think….