This upcoming two weeks long, mini interview tour series , will be hosted by “Martha” from  and  me at “ I READ” and “Crystal” from will be accompanying her  in this tour.


 In this tour we will be spotlighting Author Carol North  and her two new releases!

Author “Carol North” has a Science Fiction being released in November: ” Love’s Reflection .

and a Contemporary Woman’s Romance ” Miss Bisque and the Colonel”

There will be a GIVEAWAY for two of Carol’s wonderful totes!  MBToteB-250



Details for the giveaways will be posted later… so, checkback ….
The Interviews, reviews and Giveaway will be shared withMartha at her blog  Crystal at her blog, My Reading Room and me at my blog, I Read .
Here is the schedule for this event!
11/2 – Giveaway Posted  at Martha’s Bookshelf
11/3 –  Martha’s review of Love’s Reflection and Interview Part 1 – The Writing Process! here
11/4 – at My Reading Room: Crystal’s review of Love’s Reflection and Interview Part 2 – The Book – Love’s Reflection! , here
11/5 – here, at I Read: my review of Miss Bisque and the Colonel.
11/6 – here, at I Read:  Interview Part 3 – The Book – Miss Bisque and the Colonel!
11/10 –  Martha’s review of Miss Bisque and the Colonel, here
11/12 –  Interview Part 4 – Some Personal Questions! here
11/13 – End of the Giveaway; Winners announced!
Thank you Martha for letting me accompany you in lovely event and introducing me to this wonderful author”Carol North” and thanks Crystal for accompanying us.
And in Martha’s words”  I hope you will join us as we share our opinions about her books and Carol share’s some insight into her writing process and these books in particular! “