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Q: Can you summarize Miss Bisque and the Colonel in one sentence?

CAROL: While making up for the love and sex she never had and struggling to survive, a widow learns her late husband’s ugly secrets; she stands to lose when she is accused of murder.

Hmm.. deceased husband’s secret and murder accusation!! that should be interesting!!!

Q: Do you have a favorite scene in the book?

CAROL:  I have several. Tha first to mind is humorous. Miss Bisque, the southern gentlewoman who hasn’t had sex for years, prepares for her planned seduction of the colonel by buying condom and aphrodisiacs.

An emotional scene is Miss Bisque sitting on a stone bench in Savannah’s bonaventure Cemetery and saying goodbye to her recently deceased mother.

Q: Your story involved a Southern “Corporate wife” – did anything special inspiore the story?

CAROL:  Miss Bisque and The Colonel is a result of sharing experiences with girlfriends. During “girltalk” I kept getting that “me too” feeling, so gathered what appeared to be universal experiences and gave them to my heroine to overcome. Also gave her lots of love and good sex on the way to success.

Throughout the book she talks to her “deceased husband”. In the begining she ends her one -way conversation with her face raised to heave and saying “Bless your sweet soul”  After she learns of his betrayls , she looks toward the floor and hopes there’s no airconditioning where he is and that it’s hotter than July in Savannah.

I began writing Miss Bisque and The colonel while living in the  Chicago area but she didn’t have a distinctive personality. After moving to Savannah , Georgia, Miss Bisque’s personality emerged and blossomed like a flower responding to the sun.

Her hero, The Colonel, is everything I’ve ever desired in a man. He is hot. It seems other women agree. The book wasn’t even out and he recieved fan letters based solely on the book’s blurb.

Well, I have read the book, and really what more could you ask for in a  man…..

Q: What do you think readers will like best about Miss Bisque?

CAROL: Miss Bisque and The Colonel is the story of a woman’s quiet courage and determination to succeed in the face of almost insurmountable obstacles and dissapointments. She typifies the creativity and success found in the female DNA.

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