Let’s welcome fresh, new author NICK VALENTINO on his blogtour for his book “Thomas Riley“.

Nick is going to talk about his book in his own words…let’s hear waht he has to say……







Thomas Riley by Nick Valentino


The world during the industrial revolution has seen an explosion of technology, innovation and science that it has never experienced before. Alchemy and science are the new gods, bringing forth inventions that forever steer the world in a different path. Massive air force dirigible based flying ships armed with cannons fill the skies, while rogue bands of air pirates top the news of the day.


The Earth as we know it is the same, but the countries are different. Thomas Riley and his assistant Cynthia Basset are the chief weapons designers for their country of West Canvia who has been locked in a twenty year war with the neighboring country of Lemuria. Their company, Mercury Craft Industries, makes weapons powered by steam, which happens to be the main power source of the day.


Thomas and Cynthia’s work is interrupted when West Canvian Marines bring the Duke of West Canvia’s mortally wounded daughter in and demand that a special kind of soul preserving alchemy is performed. Thomas protests, but is forced under the threat of treason. The alchemic process goes wrong thrusting the soul of the Duke’s dying daughter into Cynthia and giving her a split personality.


With no where to turn, Thomas suggests that the Duke’s daughter can only be extracted by master alchemist Isaac Maier, who happens to be the chief weapon’s designer for their enemy in Lemuria. They hatch a plan to fly in, and force him to perform the procedure, but everything goes wrong. Their ship is shot down in enemy territory and Thomas and Cynthia take matters in to their own hands making their own perilous way to their enemy’s laboratory.


If you haven’t heard, you will soon enough. Steampunk (Jules Verne + Victorian Adventure) has arrived. My first Steampunk novel, Thomas Riley, was just published by Echelon Press and I want to thank the “I Read…” Blog for hosting a day on my blog tour.


If you enjoy debonair Sky Pirates, and high flying adventure, you will probably enjoy this genre. If you care to learn more, take a look at Thomas Riley’s website:



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