The small town that we moved to this September doesn’t have any book store, well there is technically one in the “downtown” area but with the looks of it and the area I never went there, and my neighbor told me there is no book store, so to me there is no book store!!!
But this small town has an outlet mall!!! yah and the crowd it makes over the weekends year round..let’s just say, the locals only goes on weekdays….

But after this economic meltdown, many stores like Sony, Guess, Nordstrom (to name a few) has closed down. So there are many stores now. It has been that way for two years now, but this year just before thanksgiving Toys R’ Us opened and our towns most needed book store in the name of “Book Warehouse”, let’s just say I was thrilled so much that I went there and spent 2hrs and ended up buying more than I wanted to… I don’t have to go the “Barnes & Noble” 20 miles…..The store is not Borders or B&N in terms of organization or size but they have everything in there small store, only you have to look and looks through all the disorganized books, the staff is quiet helpful though if you ask them something that you are unable to find yourself, but I don’t mind looking through, it gives an opportunity to look through different unknown books, before you reach your destination!!!

Iam so happy now that I have a book store to go to, yes we have good library and I love libraries, but I love a book store too…… and I have it now!!!!!