Book Description: (From B & N website)

This assault is not happening from accident or whim. It is happening because disaffected liberals have deliberately set out to upend our Judeo-Christian traditions. Indeed, they are determined to tear down the traditional norms, values, and institutions that have been part of American society from its founding. The cultural debris that these saboteurs have created will take decades to clean up.

In feisty prose Donohue explores our nation where a college student is threatened with expulsion because she prayed on campus, a civil rights organization protests a statue of Jesus found on the ocean floor and a housewife sues a school district to stop the singing of Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer at a school choral production. These are just a few examples cited that demonstrate a culture descending into madness.

Donohue takes no prisoners as he digs out and exposes the groups behind this all-out attack on our Christian traditions. Among these are the radical atheists, the proponents of multiculturalism, the sexual libertines, the Hollywood elite with their not-so-hidden agenda and lawyers who collaborate for profit.

My Review:

Mr. Donahue takes the position that the secular are trying to destroy America. That is simply not true. Those who are secular just want the government to be neutral when it comes to religion,  not to state there is a God but also not to state there is not a God.  Mr. Donahue also takes the view that criticism of religion is analogous to racism, though religion is a belief system and not something that someone is born with, such as our skin color.  Mr. Donahue wishes that everyone would treat his particular religious belief with the utmost respect but has no problem at all in attacking the harshest possible language the beliefs of those who are secular.

The basic secular position is that government should be neutral on the matter of religion. Religious organisations and followers should either not get out of obeying laws that bind the rest of us or imposing laws on the general population because they come out of their own dogma. This is seemed as an affront to Donohue.

I certainly don’t recommend this book to anybody, it’s just a waste of time to read some religious ramblings of a very close-minded person.


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