To You & Yours…

This is my last post for this year.  I just want to look back and reflect on some of the things in my book  blog world. Ever since I started this blog in August, it has been a wonderful journey with the books and the blog world. I have discovered so many authors and books through the eyes of other fellow bloggers that have I not started this blog, I would have missed!!!  Reading the reviews of other bloggers is my morning fix along with my cup of coffee (I would really get a headache, without these two, lol..)  So, thanks to you all…

I don’t know if any of you have made any resolution, regarding books of course (I would love to hear, if you have made any) , I have made two:

  • One is to finish all the challenges I have signed up for in 2010
  • And to read books of my choice  more (whether borrowing from the library or buying some)

To get a head start on the 2nd one I already bought a few books as a present to myself , this year has been mainly about ARCs , I got very little chance to read for my own pleasure only, without a timeline 🙂 . But this doesn’t mean I do not enjoy  ARCs, I love them as it has given me an opportunity to read so many good books that otherwise I shouldn’t have thought about reading!!

Coming back to the books I have bought, I wanted to share them with you…

“Oliver Twist”and “Ramayana”, though I have read long time back, I bought these two  book mainly for my 7 yr old , I know he won’t be able to read the whole thing by himself or understand thoroughly but it’s  about time he gets a glimpse of classics besides “Spiderman” and “Pirates” and what not!!!! and it will give us a chance to read together and make some memories..

Have a wonderful holidays everybody and see you next year..