“Terror from Beyond Middle England” begins in the hollyhocks, where Zara surreptitiously observes the geriatric party that she decides to crash. Almost immediately, she is thrown into the life of the mysterious Alan and drawn to his world in the cottage of the elderly couple, Hilda and James. On a two-week holiday from her secretarial duties, Zara finds Alan’s presence strangely comforting. However, the French windows are one day wrenched open and one of Alan’s t-shirts goes missing. A myriad of happenstances ensue, all surrounding: an illicit manuscript in the attic, an anti-GM foods advocacy group, clandestine love affair after love affair, an endless tirade of ants in the kitchen and many cups of tea going cold.


Author Sarah Crabtree   tries to create a novel of relationships, loneliness and identity,  but instead the characters turns out to be all over the place and underdeveloped, as a result it they are incapable of ctreating any strong storyline. There are so many plots and sub-plots that you feel disconnected. I was unable to make any sense of them and their place in the story. At some places the story was hilarious but humor is not enough to keep you engaging. Sarah Crabtree is capable of writing, that much sense you can get from the book, maybe in her future works we will see more of her talent presented in a more readable and acceptable way..

I recieved this book from  ENC Press as part of the  Library thing  member giveaway program.