I stay here.. but I am not from here.. Iam from India, and staying in U.S. of A for the past 10yrs now.. I have stayed in different places in the U.S.

First was Pennsylvania, whrere I stayed in a town called “Erie”, yes by the Erie lake, then moved all the way to Sacramento, then San Diego and then Orange County (Brea), last year in September bought the new house in Lake Elsinore and since then here..

Though Iam writing “I”, but my family consists of 4 people. Me, my husband and our 2 boys (7 & 3).

I personally have 2 other blogs. One is book blog “I Read” , if you want to visit : http://sumanam.wordpress.com/,  and another blog, that I call my rambling space “Mon Cheri”, http://masalabowl.blogspot.com/.

This post will be about my or rather our lif ein Lake Elsinore…this small town, my neighbors, our house everything about “Lake Elsinore”, where we bought our house, where we are thrying to settle our roots, our success our failures..