Before I start posting about our life in this town , weekly, let me today write a little bit about how we reached to Lake Elsinore. Well, the journey started 10yrs back when we first came to U.S. from India. Moving  to different places…..wherever my husband’s job took us……from Erie,PA to Sacramento to Sandiego to Orange county, staying in different apartments…..finally after the meltdown of the economy, we decided yes, maybe we can afford a house now??? And as you can see, yes we could..Though we first started looking at the Orange County area, but still it was expensive for us, the only thing that we could have afford was town homes and condos but both kind felt like apartments to us and our kids no doubt needed more space, so we moved 50miles to Lake Elsinore, in Riverside County and got a brand new home.

Only thing that bothered me and still bothers me is that  , the more you move to small town, the less ethnic diversity..I have seen this in Erie (PA) too, but at that time I didn’t have kids and by the time we left Erie my 7yr old was only 2. Sacramneto, san Diego and Orange County all of these places are total urban , in every sense..but not here, yes there are Latin Americans, but they are everywhere in U.S., by ethnic diversity I meant people from different asian as well as european  and latin american countries, a melting pot..here in Lake Elsinore, we strike out..you can count asians here, actually in my 7yr old’s 2nd grade, only 2 counting him ! My neighbors look at me something special ! I don’t know if this is good or bad, we will see in a few years if this place grows on us…Ethnic diversity is very important to me, it broadens your horizon, but among my neighbors I don’t see that much..