Before starting my usual posts from coming Monday, let me get you all a heads up about my neighbors.The house that is on the right hand to ours is empty (foreclosure), and the left we have neighbors, they are in this community since the begining that is for 4-5yrs now. In my posts I will refer to them as C (the wife) and E (the husband) and their kids by their age, 8,5 & 3.

Now to our opposite (we are in a T junction), on the right hand we have M (the wife) & V (the husband) and their 1 kid D. On the left hand we have an asian couple with 2 kids whose names I forgot. So their reference would be “Asian couple).


Now beside C & Es house is a family that’s renting. They will be known like this: F (the mother), M(mother’s boyfriend), J (the son of the mother) and T(the daughterof the mother)

These are the immediate neighbors that I mostly interact with.But there are also some that I have interactian once in a while or maybe more than that.

  • A and wife
  • Paramedic & wife and 2 little girls
  • Halloween guy and wife
  • P, R and their little boy & Nanny (an Indian family, becoming our friends, maybe!)
  • S (a Pakistani lady)

As we continue our journey here I bet this list is going to increase.

Oh sorry our gardener R , my 7yr old’s Piano teacher SK and his Voice Instructor B and his class teacher H.

So, see you all coming Monday.