UnpredictableStory Plot:

When Sophie Kintock is caught hiding underneath the laundry bags in her ex-boyfriends apartment building, she has no idea the drastic turn her life is about to take.

Scorned by her love of six years, and just when she thought they were about to walk down the aisle, Sophie begins “Operation Drive Him Home” which consists of moving Doug’s parked car over a few spaces and stealing one out of each sock pair in the dryer. Her hopes are that he will realize how crazy his life is without her and come directly home.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned. Doug ends up meeting Melanie leaving Sophie on her own trying to figure out how to win back the love of her life.

After several botched attempts, all made better with the help of ice cream and her unfailingly supportive best friend Jane, Sophie realizes that she has to do something really, really big if she wants Doug back. This leads to the invented personality, Emma Lulak, gifted psychic and instant radio celebrity. With the help of her cute but dorky friend Nick, Sophie gets more than she bargained for as she “predicts” her way back to love.


Move over Bridget Jones and Rebecca Bloomwood! Sophie Kintock is the new leading lady of witty, female fiction!

What a fabulous read! So funny you can fall right off the couch laughing, but sweet and tender too!  Eileen Cook did a wonderful job bringing to life characters which we can all relate to. There is also a subtle moral for all to grasp. Cook’s writing is reminiscent of the best of  Sophie Kinsella; there’s a  humor woven throughout these pages that lets us in on the joke and makes us laugh out loud at it. I adored Sophie Kintock!!! What a sweet, wacky, endearing character. Heroine Sophie get herself in situations both hilarious and moving as the web she weaves gets more and more tangled. You can’t help but root for her happy ending.

I thoroughly enjoyed this charming novel. The pace is fast, the observations witty. I was delighted to discover Eileen Cook .

Eileen Cook was one of the 2008 Debs at the “Debutante Ball” .

I joined the “2010 Debutante Ball Reading Challenge”, where I have to read 2 books from the previous Debs Challenge.. Eileen Cook’s “Unpredictable  ” is my second  book for this Challenge.

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Along with this review is also part of “2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge”, hosted by J.Kaye.