It’s pouring in Lake Elsinore. Dark clouds hanging, rain, ghastly , cold, bitter wind ! and today we have school ,office everything, normal routine. Yesterday was nice though staying home tha whole day, very lowkey, watched two moveis “Amedius” & “Star Trek” Those who of you have never watched “Amedius”, go watch it, it’s a masterpiece ! I am glad that I bought the DVD.

Yesterday morning we all went out for a while, first we went for breakfast to our nearby mexican joint “Los Amigos”  It’s a a nice, small and very clean place. The food is excellent and pretty thick.  Was very filling and satisfying. If you are ever in the area eat here, you will not regret it, a real bang for your buck ! Here is the address : 25361 Railroad Canyon Road, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532-2701, (951) 244-4144
 The best part of visiting this cute joint is, the manager of the place stays in our community and his daughter , let’s refer to her as C, is the same age as my 7 yr old and they are in the same class, so whenever we go to eat there we meet them, especially if school is close we get to meet cute C , helping her dad.

After our very satisfying breakfast we went to ” Ploughboys” a farmers market in out next city Wildomar. When our friends P & R came for dinner on Sunday night , they told us about this place, where thay get their groceries, and us being the organic family, always buing our products from farmers market and Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, went to check it out and I must say I liked it ! So there you go , found another farmers stand near by πŸ™‚ Thanks, P & R.

As for my other neighbors, we didn’t see any of them because of the weather and Iam sure once the downpour stops they are going to resurface .

Our gardener R came over , after 3 weeks break from visiting Mexico (his homeland), now our lawn looks preety, maicured, dry leaves blown away , all sprinkler heads working, etc, We decided on the backyard retaining wall, after the rain stops, he is suppossed to start on that.So, looks like we are getting ready for summer to enjoy our backyard.