Angels Of Venice, T. R. Foster, 193300293X

Story Plot:

Venice, New York is a poor and gritty town caught in the grip of something dark. A series of homicides leads chief of police, Eliza Hamilton, on a hunt for a killer. The motive behind the murders will lead to the discovery of human-like creatures (“Angels”) who have twisted the town’s desires to suit their own purposes. Can Eliza look beyond her own troubled past before she’s consumed by the bloodshed ???


“Angels of Venice” combines the reality of the police procedural story with the fantasy of a vampire story. The book starts out in a great way , begining  in 1974, with two cops after a serial killer. He kills and mutilates children. They follow him into an abandoned apartment building, which everyone calls the ‘mill’. What happens then, changes their life forever… Years later, his daughter is now the Chief of Police. Plenty of incidents start happening- a teenage girl is missing, domestic abuse, someone vandalizing a construction site. It all seems to have happened after the neighbor moves in next door to Eliza. People start getting murdered, resembling the murders that happened many years ago when her father was the Chief. A cut on each side of the neck and on the forearm. During her childhood, her and a friend, Rosie, make up a vampire story and named him Tommy Bob, but then she hears the name mentioned and sees it written on the murder victims. Is he real? Eliza starts having nightmares and while investigating all the murders, finds out that things aren’t always as they appear. The story would really keep you interested till the end …

But there are some drawbacks. I didn’t like the children being referred to as “weeds.” All the children in the novel do drugs, live in homes of domestic violence and drive their cars recklessly, and many of the children are murdered, it’s a little over the top, especially if you are always reading horrific things involving children !!!  Also  some of the 54 chapters in the novel have the reader see the story through the eyes of a character called “he.” No name is given to this character, and if “he” is a real character in the novel, the author never does enough to connect him to his name. The “he” character is more negative than any other character because he seems to know who will die soon. This character could be human or he could be an “angel.”

But overall it’s a well written psychological thriller, so go for it you all mystery and thriller lovers..

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