All last week it rained in California, so no doubt it rained in Lake Elsinore too. It rained and rained and rained, day & night till Saturday early morning. Phew!!! it seemed we will be wiped out by rain. Thankfully, as I don’t have a car my neighbor C, whose sons 8 & 5 are both in my 7yr old’s school dropped him and picked him up. It was the worst week for me, as I donot like to take help from others and here I was had to ask for it. Make no mistake, C is nice and she is willing to help when weather is really bad, it’s me who doesn’t like any help from others, it’s me 🙂 It’s ok when somebody drops him off in the morning while going to school, I mostly worry about the “picking up” part, what if ?? my 7yr old is late from his class, if he is not waiting at the mentioned spot they are supposed to meet and so on… well thanks to C everything went well.

Truly after rain stopped my neighbors resurfaced on the face of Earth or rather I say on the face of Lake Elsinore.. Saturday morning I saw some of their faces outside cleaning their cars and front yards. We all frantically waved at each other after not seeing much human beings for a few days..

Our gardener R has started working on our backyard to get it ready for summer, he will be buiklding the much needed reatsining wall, then the grass is going to come, it’s a long way to go, but atleast we have started…

The house to my right which went in foreclosure right after we moved in last September has been vacant since then, but thankfully last Friday new neighbors moved inh, a latin american family, I think Mexican. The lady of the house and me met. Her name is M, she has a 18yr old daughter and a, hold your breath, 6 yr old son. Whom previously my husband mistakenly took as the 18yr old’s son, as he thought the girl is above 20 !!! Then C’s husband E told us the girl is only 18 and we thought “Oh! teenage mother ! ” but after M and I introduced each other everything came to light. We haven’t met or seen the master of the house yet…

According to E, our block now looks good, no foreclosure or for sale signs, I guess he is hoping that will increase some value of our houses or rather his house 🙂 yeah he kind of thinks that way.. as I remember when we first came E & C were both excited that somebody finally bought this house and not only that somebody with little kids, and to top that they were super excited the first day we put grass in our front yard. I think 100s of time they both mentioned how nice it looks as they have stayed 2yrs beside a empty house with muddy front yard and how that depriciated the value of their house (well, the later part they didn’t say this out loud, but from their comments I figured that’s what went through their mind !)  Even C didn’t mind to mention that though we took some time to fix the front yard we did a good job. It took us about a month to get our hands or rather to find proper landscaping guys to fix our front yard, I bet that was very excruciating to C & E, those 4 weeks !!! well , they are happy now, and trust me you need happy neighbors 🙂

Well, today while I was walking back from school with my sons , after a long break I met S, the nice pakistani lady… she was going out for her 3o’ clock walk, which the rain deprived her of the past week … well, she was complaing she didn’t see me for a long time as one day she made Biriyani and was hoping to give me ! but we were not outside , so…. missed it. Well newsflash S , ring my bell, you know my house, remember you chatted with me in my front yard for 1/2 hr just before the holidays 🙂 ….

Well, now we are not the new neighbor in our block, it’s M’s family and everybody will be observing them now.