Well, the rain has stopped, but nothing much going on around me. Except our gardener R has started building the retaining wall in our backyard and it’s going to cost me f***ing $750 and not only that to top that the electrical connections in our back (as of it doesn’t have any) and to prepare the soil for future gardening it’s going to be another $ 350, well R gave an estimate of $ 450 on that but moi did a pretty good bargaining and took it down a notch to $ 350 🙂 Well. seems like all the new homeowner’s credit money is soon going to run out in fixing my bachyard only !!! Now, it’s time to tighhten the belt on the backyard project..

Neighbors are are as of well, nothing much going on..Our new neighbors are smiley to us, we don’t see them often though. But they have a cool barbeque machine in their backyard ! and Iam envious !!! And our other neigbor C & E are keeping on complimneting on our yard work, now it’s our backyrad, infact they are so inspired by us that they are thinking of fixing their backyard, which as bad as ours, thoiugh they have been in their house since the begining of the community, that is 4yrs 🙂

So, I think now I can say it’s the case of “Neighbors Envy Owner’s Pride” in our little road !!!