Much has been written about World War II, but not often do we hear about the immeasurable suffering of the Germans who wanted no part of Hitler’s regime.Abandoned and Forgotten is the memoir of a young girl growing up in the then-German province of East Prussia by the Baltic Sea. Orphaned at the age of nine and left to fend for herself in a hostile world, Evelyne Tannehill witnessed firsthand what happens when law and order break down and self-preservation becomes the only thing that matters. Her journey is a poignant example of how resilient the human spirit can be, even in the face of war’s greatest horrors.


This incredible book details the true survival story of a 9 year old girl orphaned in East Prussia, northeast Germany, at the end of WW2. Harrowing action, brilliant and sometimes heart-rendering trauma, and hilarious incidents give the book a fine page turning quality, the writing is also fast paced and of high quality given that English is the author’s second language.

This book comprises a slice of history seldom told from an eye witness to atrocities no less frightening than those engendered by Hitler’s Nazi regime. For those of you who are not yet aware of the history of eastern Germany at the end of WW2 this book is a must.

You won’t forget this book, but you will recommend it to all your friends.

About the Author:

Evelyne Tannehill was born in January of 1936 in the German Province of East Prussia. She was a dual citizen of Germany and the United Stated due to the US citizenship of her father. She lived and attended school in Germany until the age of sixteen at which time she came to the United States. She made her home in the Chicago, Los Angeles and Reno areas where she had significant business interests. Among them, she was the Director of a branch of the Berlitz School of Languages in the chicago area.

At present she is retired and resides part time in Reno, Nevada and Green Valley Arizona and travels extensively. She has two children and four grandchildren Visit : and find excerpts at

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