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Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (January 27, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0446542968

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On the surface, Lena Spencer appears to have it all. She and her wealthy husband Randall have two wonderful children, and they live a life of luxury. In reality, however, Lena finds that happiness is elusive. Randall is emotionally distant, her son has developed a drug habit, and her daughter is disgusted by her mother’s “overbearing behavior.” When Randall decides that he’s had enough of marriage counseling, he offers his wife an ultimatum: “Be grateful for all I’ve done for you or leave.” Lena, realizing that money can’t solve her problems and that her husband is no longer the man she married, decides to choose the latter.


With the cover and the title, you might get the impression that it’s a chick lit, but it’s not. It’s a fiction, which could have been very interesting and very cutting edge but sadly it’s not. Firstly , the characters are not loveable. Secondly, just because after 28years of marriage , you find your husband to be not the same person as he was 28 years back, you leave for finding yourself, doesn’t make sense  to me !!! I mean after a long marriage who is the same person? as they were 10 years or 10 years or 30 years back????  That’s called growth… And what marriage doesn’t has its ups and downs … I don’t think to find yourself divorce is the answer, of course there are exceptions, but certainly not in Lena Spencers life.

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