The story of memory, how it hides, or lingers behind doors, only to jump and startle. Jon is an emigrant from the UK, educated in biology at Trinity College in Dublin , who settles in a small town in the Hudson Valley, New York. There , with her young daughter, she begins to experience flashbacks of memories from a time in her previous marriage when her grip on reality was loosening. The memories are sutble and flashing, but finally help to reveal to her the nature of living things.


I loved the book. The character of Jon is intriguing. Her dreams and memories are her past that haunts her . These are the clues to her past life. It’s  an interesting story that will hold you till the last page. The writing is wonderful and easy, and it is fascinating to read a person’s memory so much influences her present even though she cannot grasp her whole past !! I don’t know if that line made any sense !! but to unddrstand you have to read the book.

Read the book, you will love it.

Thanks Riane Herlihy and Publishingworks, for this wonderful read.