Colleen from “BooksintheCity” ( has honored me with the “Happy 101” award. Thanks Colleen – your blog rocks, I enjoy reading yours very much 🙂

The awards asks that you make a list of ten things that make you happy ? Here is my list:

1. Smiling faces of my sons..

2. Curling up with a good book..

3. Snow covered mountains..

4. Wlking my 7yr old to school every morning..

5. Coffee with friends..

6. Samosas..

7. Chilled Margaritas..

8. Blogging as well as reading other blogs..

9. Pastries..

10.  All of you, who stop by my blog everyday, love you all..

What is an award if we cannot pass it to others??? So, Iam passing it on to..

* Nish from ” Nishitas Rants and Raves”

* Divya from “Divya’s Reading Room”

* Aarti from “BookLust”

* Jenny from “Take Me Away”