We are still getting soaked  in rain from time to time. R has started working on building the retaining wall on our backyard, but beacuse of rain as well as R’s laziness it’s getting hampered. It’s time we have to start rushing R to get the job done. He is really, really lazy. In the whole month of January he cut our grass in the front lawn only once, ultimately I had to call him up and say that , you know what it’s really growing up to be a jungle, then he got his butt out to work. I can see the same future for the retaining wall !!! On top of that he charges money, like there is no tomorrow… and then to top that he asked for $100 this Monday for his wife, and that Sunday only we paid him $52 for replacing our sprinkler valve and $25 separately for planting our tree. So, Monday when he asked for the money I had to set my foot down, no I can’t do any favor, I will pay you as you work, why don’t you finish the wall get paid for that ???? Because I know once a fovor is done, there will be more to come and I didn’t want to set that example. Call ma bad person, I don’t care !!!

And on a lighter note, E came over this Tuesday to borrow an egg, as his wife C ran out of eggs while baking muffins. This is the first time E came into our house, and was bold out or shocked by our strong colors in our living room, you know the accent wall dark green and the reast a lighter shade of green…Yeah well, we Indians love bright, vibrant colors… and no we didn’t get any muffins in exchange of the egg 🙂