Arthur Pendragon, King of Britain, sets sail for Gaul to defend territories there—leaving his country vulnerable and leaderless. When word comes that he’s has fallen in battle, the powerful Council, headed by Arthur’s power-hungry uncle, threatens to overthrow Gwenhwyfar and her young daughter. Gwenhwyfar is also opposed by Arthur’s ambitious ex-wife Winifred, keen to advance her own son as rightful heir. But, events abroad mean a far mightier battle for the Pendragon throne, and for the future of Britain.


The Shadow of the King  is the third book in the Pendragon’s Banner series. But it is not just a wrap-up, but an entire story (and a good one), I never read the first two, but that didn’t make me feel Iam missing something.. the book can be read as a stand alone too..

Helen Hollick’s writing skill amazed me. Helen has taken the King Arthur Pendragon of our childhood fairy tales and written a gritty, realistic work that depicts Arthur as a human being, with the strengths and weaknesses that we all have in some form or fashion. This is historical fiction at its finest, with true-to-life writing of the people and times in Britain circa 500 A. D. This is a historical fiction with a plot that twists and turns through a wealth of characters of the time brought to life!  It’s really visible  the massive amount of outstanding research that Helen did preliminary to writing the entire book, I guess in writing the entire trilogy.. Hers was no easy task since source works on Arthur and his times were both biased and dismally missing much information!

I highly recommend this excellent work  to those who value realistic, well written historical fiction. I can’t wait to read the first two sets from the trilogy..

Thanks Sourcebooks & Danielle for this wonderful opportunity to read and review this book.