It is about a man named Rogan Chantry who is in South Africa looking for gold.  While he is there, he encounters many problems due to tension between the natives who live in South Africa, the missionaries who are there to minister to them, and the new colonists who live there. 

Rogan is also separated from the woman he loves, Evy Varley, who lives in England and may be in danger herself.  In fact, the title of the book comes from a promise that hopefully will be enough to keep the two faithful to each other until they can be together again.


This is book two in Chaikin’s “East of the Sun” series. Perhaps if I had read book one before reading “Yesterday’s Promise,” I would have enjoyed it more.  I spent the first several chapters trying to understand who everyone was and how they all are compatible with each other.

The author’s writing style was very pleasant and her attention to detail, such as information about the surroundings and the characters, was good, but I had a hard time really getting attached to the story !!!

This book cannot be read as a stand alone … so, if you want to read this book read the first one before getting into this, maybe that will help to understand the story and characters more.. That being said, I cannot honestly say that, I didn’t like the book, in order to give this book it’s proper credit I have to read the first one..

Liz at WaterBrookMutlnomah for the opportunity to read and review this book.