Author Dee Davis writes, in her own words,how her dream of becoming a writer came to true….

When I was little and people asked ‘ what do you want to do when you grow up ‘ I pretty much always answered ‘ be like Julie Andrews’ . Which in my mind meant acting or singing or both. But occasionally I would say ‘ write a book’  without any particular plan in mind. But the idea was a constant and kept popping up over the years as other answers changed to ‘ lawyer, professor, CIA agent, Lobbyist, DJ, world traveller.’ ( I actually was a lobbyist briefly, I teach a continuing Ed course at NYU , and I have travelled a lot, but the CIA rejected me, and my short lived career as a DJ ended in college).

Anyway, a little over ten years ago, as I approached my fortieth birthday , my daughter was heading off to school, and I took stock of my life and career options. I’d been out of the market, so to speak for five years, and I had no desire to go back to the hours required in association management. So I made a list. Pie-in-the-sky kind of stuff. And found my dreams hadn’t strayed far from my childhood days. Rock singer, Broadway performer, voice-over actress, Hollywood star and, you guessed it, write a book.

Well, believe me the rock singer ship had sailed. Spandex is not a good look for forty-year olds. Broadway seemed a bit out of reach as was movie star since I hadn’t actually acted in anything since the 1980’s. And voice-over work sounded fabulous in theory, but to even give it a shot would require relocating which didn’t appeal to my husband and I had to agree since he was the major bread-winner. Which left writing a book. No spandex required, in fact, I could work in my jammies. I could live where ever my husband’s career took us. And most importantly, I could be home when my daughter needed me.

Of course there was the little matter of actually writing a book. But I’d had a fertile imagination since the day I ws born ( the doctor swears I came out talking) and so with a wish and a prayer (and a lot of research) I put fingers to keyboard, which at the time was an interesting endeavor since I’m a horrible typist , and something like six months later Everything in it’s Time was born. And in a Cinderella finish it was published in July 2000. My long time dream had come true (even with Julie Andrews part , she does write children’s book  after all).

And now here I am talking with you guys on the week of the publications of Dark Deceptions, my sixteenth novel and the first in my new A-Tac series. It’s been a heck of ride. And I’d love for you to check out Nash and Annie’s story.

But in the meantime, what have you done to make your dreams come true?

Thank you Dee for this wonderful post..

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