Thanks to ” Book Mole ” @ for presenting me with two awards – the Beautiful Blogger Award and the  Honest Scrap Award.

For the Honest Scrap award, I need to list ten facts about myself and pass it on to ten other bloggers. So, here I go:

(some of them I have posted earlier)

  • I can drink tea anytime of the day, but the first cup in the morning has to be coffee.. yeah wierd..
  • Besides reading, my other hobby is painting..
  • I work at a local behavioural institute 3 days a week..
  • I love watching “Law & Order”, I can even sit through all the re-runs..
  • I buy all my produce from farmers market..
  • I can never have enough chocolate..or anything chocolate flavoured..
  • Every spring through summer I grow tomatoes in my backyard
  • I donot like my photos taken
  • I love barbeques
  • I think my boys (8&3) are the cutest!!

I am passing the Honest Scrap award to the following talented bloggers:

  1. Caribousmom@
  2. Colleen@
  3.  Nish@

I am passing the Beautiful Blogger award to :