This is the first time I am joining the “Social Justice Challenge” This month’s theme for The Social Justice Challenge is hunger. Amy invited us to post a photo which represents hunger to us.

And this picture in my left, is from India, I grew up seeing this in India…When I decided to join this challenge I was not sure how to participate.. I mean locally in my area I can but I wanted to do something  in India too… so what I am doing is , Icontacted my mom and she is going to donate at “Missionaries of Charity” created by Mother Teresa, where they provide with shelter and food and schooling for homeless children.

And here I am going to work with the Local Food Bank.

Frankly speaking , as we all know, none of theses are enough and it’s never going to be enough but every little drops creates an ocean.

I wish :

  • The supermarkets didn’t throw away their excess in the garbage, instead they can donate the raw veggies and fruits..
  • People would order as much they can consume only, in restaurants instead of  wasting
  • We need to show our kids, from early as 7-8, documentaries about these kind of social topics, so that they too can understand that food to some children as just like them is a privilege not necessity.

There are many things I wish , but I can’t mention all here..

I haven’t thought of any books yet.. I will go to the library and see to find some…

What do you wish to prevent hunger and what do you think you can do to help a little bit?