Friends since childhood, Ali and Cora are each other’s confidants and shoulders to lean on when the going gets tough. They are also joined together by an unusual bond: when Ali and her husband Benny were having trouble getting pregnant, Cora donated her eggs and is the biological mother of their 15-year-old daughter Letty. Letty always knew the truth – thanks in part to the framed magazine excerpts about the arrangement – and having children of her own has always been the last thing on free-spirited Cora’s mind.

Diagnosed with a potentially fatal hereditary condition, Cora returns to the States after teaching seminars across the globe and dreads the difficult conversation with her best friend. Ali has a revelation of her own: she has kept the remaining embryos frozen and is finally ready to try for another child. Overshadowing their dueling news is Letty, whose reckless behavior lands her in hot water time and time again. The incidents have Benny reeling and drive a wedge between the couple, with Cora stepping in to pick up the slack and provide the support that Letty so desperately needs. Are three parents too many or is it just what Letty needs to survive her difficult adolescence and emerge unscathed?  


The story is dramatic and unpredictable.  The drama doesn’t over shadow the story. The characters and the situations that comes along can be anybody and in anybody’s life, it’s as true as it can be..and all the things that are not perfect in the story, it won’t seem unreal because life is not perfect !!

The author lets us crawl into the minds of Ali, Cora and Letty as each of them does their narration in the book. Letty is a  self-centered teen, who loves her parents, but  story of her conception has overshadowed her true self.  Ali wants to control things  she can just makes  plans and sticks to it.  Cora, who never wanted to be a mother and was pleased to help her best friend become one, finds herself experiencing feelings and longings that she has never acknowledged before.  Benny, a side character, but a  gentleman, loves his wife and his daughter. There are twists and turns between them and their situations. And each time you think you have figured out what’s going to happen, well comes another twist and start again to figure out !!!

I loved the book, it gives you a picture of families dealing with infertility and other chronic illnesses. It makes you feel their emotions, sadness, happiness…you cry with them, laugh with the..try to understand them. I would certainly recommend this book to everybody who loves a good book.

This review is part of “2010 Debs Challenge”.