San Francisco homicide detective Lindsay Boxer, the de facto head of the Women’s Murder Club, is assigned to the case after the Killer’s initial murder. Boxer is left with precious few clues; among them is a cryptic anagram scrawled in lipstick at the scene of the crime. Another case is quickly given priority, however. A cat burglar, who has been nicknamed “Hello Kitty,” has been relieving San Francisco’s wealthy of their jewelry during dinner parties. Kitty’s latest break-in, however, results not only in an empty heist but also a dead body. The victim, the wife of renowned actor Marcus Dowling, caught Kitty in the act. What the readers know, though, is that Dowling took advantage of the situation to murder his wife. Boxer and her detective partner, Rich Conklin, suspect Dowling’s involvement, but can’t prove anything conclusively.

Meanwhile, the Lipstick Killer continues his reign of terror in San Francisco for no apparent reason. But there is a method to his madness, which is made all too clear before tale’s end and puts Boxer in an extremely compromising position. However, it is Dr. Claire Washburn, another member of the Women’s Murder Club and the San Francisco medical examiner, who inadvertently provides the means to bring Gordon’s killing spree to an end, and not through the use of forensic medicine, either. And Hello Kitty? That case is resolved as well, with a delicious and ironic twist.

This is my first book from the Women’s Murder Club Series..but frankly speaking it didn’t impress me. It was a total disappointment in a package of 355 pages.   The writing  series of fast-paced stories packaged in short (1-3 pages) chapters didn’t do ant justice to the plot or the characters. Neither of them had time to grow, they were underdeveloped and malnourished..really. 

The Lipstick Killer’s crime is horrendous, which I guess the authors could have avoided in describing , it can turn into your nightmare (I am not going to mention the crime here, as for those who want to read the book, it will be a spoiler for them !) and beside the despicable crime were light chapters of romantic interlude with description of sexual escapades, the adventures of Hello Kitty.. which made the acts of the lipstick Killer  sensual rather than monstrous !!!

This book seemed to me, where authors are just in a hurry to get a book out in the market and make some easy money without really puting any work or thoughts to the book or for readers who are spending money to read a good book.