Every Boat Turns South
mixes memoir-like adventure with a moving coming-home tale. The book
opens and closes in Florida, but its sultry and terror-filled center is
set in the Turks & Caicos Islands and in the Dominican Republic By
interweaving the Florida bedside scenes with Matt s confessional
account of his wild life in the Caribbean, White subtly builds sympathy
for his ne er-do-well drifter, as Matt slowly reveals the truth about
Hale by coming to understand his own impulses and needs and by
cherishing, through memory, all that his father had taught him. The
writing in both sections forcefully lyrical and full of maritime detail
(sailors will love this book) suggests an autobiographical prompt, but
clearly the author is in command of a style that effectively serves his
complex plot. The flashbacks pulse with sensuality, the take on island
natives and tourists is nothing less than superb: The hotel swarms with
interracial couples strung together like rosary beads . . . white
women, pale as chalk, lean into black men like they ve found the
Rosetta stone. White men pull at strings of mulatto women like taffy.
Merengue and rum, greed and sex rule. Everything. Everyone. As one of
the novel s shrewd and exotic characters says, we all have our
weaknesses once we get to the islands.


Mid-life wanderlust and a boat..the combination of these two component makes this book an intriguing adventure. The story starts in Florida with Matt Younger, a 30 year old facing the death of his father and an angry mother. It’s a very intense story as Matt takes the possible long route to his home through the Caribbean with his two close friends, facing different intriguing circumstances on the way.

The characters are believable with ruthless men, parents engrossed in their personal reflections and manipulative women and not to mention the incredible detailed description of the lovely Caribbean.

The book is a page-turner, full of life, intriguing literrary fiction. I would recommend this book to everybody.

You can visit the author’s website at www.jpwhite.net.

Thanks Dorothy@PumpUpYourBookPromotion for this wonderful review copy.