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In PROSPECT PARK WEST (now in trade paperback), Amy Sohn, the New York Times bestselling author of My Old Man and Run Catch Kiss turns her satirical eye to the class—read: caste—system among that strange new species, the Brooklyn [Breeder] Bourgeois. Think the SEX & THE CITY girls go to the Park Slope Food Co-op.

It’s about four SAHMs , trying to navigate their lives in “Park Slob”(according to the writer). Rebecca ( who many say is clearly based on Sohn herself), is a freelance writer who’s married to a hot architect who won’t have sex with her after their daughter was born –so she’s taken to masturbating to Roman Polanski films while her daughter Abbie takes her afternoon naps. Lizzie (a white girl) is a “hasbian” (former lesbian),  got married to some hip Black musician  and made a bi-racial kid named Mance–but she misses the “vagina” still….. Karen is a former social worker with a son named , Darby, who’s so caught up in the kiddie worship culture of Park Slope , she is all about the best house, best school district, the appearance that made her some what psychotic. And Melora Leigh, is a gorgeous, pill-addicted actress living in a beautiful mansion on Prospect Park West, with a hot Aussie husband, and an adopted son named Orion.

Aside from these main characters, there are also other typical stereotypes from the neighborhood. Included is unsatisfying marriages, who know the better way of parenting, loss of a sense of “self” among the mothers, pressure to catch up with others, a swinger couple, a transsexual porn addicted husband and what not..

In a way , if you are from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park West (yes, there is a real neighborhood !) either you will feel humiliated or angry or you are going to think yes…Amy Shon nailed it !!!  and even if you are not from the neighborhood  you will somewhat relate to the story, I bet we all have these kinds in our own surroundings (wink, wink).

If you are looking for good literary fiction, this book is not for you. But if you want something hilarious, juicy, light yet bold … get it and have fun living at Prospect Park West.

Thanks, to Sarah@Simon&Schuster for the review copy.

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