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Illustrator Rosie and her newspaper columnist boyfriend Mark are ready for a change. Actually, Rosie’s ready for a change, but Mark isn’t quite there yet. Rosie longs for the peace and quiet of the countryside, rather than the hustle and bustle of the city, and when Mark is offered the opportunity to write his own column about life in the country, the two jump at the chance at a new start in a new locale.

Samantha, who fancies herself to be a famous actress (despite the fact that the only film she’s ever acted in went straight- to- airline), is also considering a move to the countryside as research for her upcoming acting role. She falls in love with “The Bottom”, a house located in the picturesque town of Eight Mile Bottom, and is determined that she and her wealthy husband Guy become the most popular residents in town. She’s not prepared for the fact that a reclusive rock star as well as an actual film star have already taken up residence in Eight Mile Bottom, so she’ll have some competition.

Both couples find that life in the country is not quite what they had envisioned, but will they like what country life has to offer?


The writing is quite witty and clever, but, I found it to be sometimes a little hard to follow with all the English slang that I’m not familiar with. There did not appear to be a lot to the storyline itself, there were some humor and catchy episodes tucked inside to give a few chuckles along the way but not enough to catch my attention.

Overall, this novel was okay, but I wasn’t drawn in as much as I could have been. I think the major problem was that half of the story was about Samantha and I really didn’t care for her character at all. Rosie’s story was also unexpected as her love life moves on from Mark in unexpected directions. Her eventual suitor is a very last minute addition and felt rushed.  Overall I though it was just written in  a hurry along the way to publish a book…it’s a waste of tome to read this book…but you can give it a try..

Book Source: Advance Review Copy from Sourcebooks. Thank-you!