Every summer Jane Porter brings us a funny, relevant contemporary romance, and this year’s She’s Gone Countryis no exception. The story of former model Shey Darcy’s return to her Texas ranching routes gives readers glimpses into both the worlds of professional ranching and bull riding, as well as high-fashion modeling. Shey’s seventeen year marriage has fallen apart, and she has returned to her hometown with her three teenage boys, who are having trouble adjusting from their fast-paced New York prep school lifestyle. In addition to dealing with motherhood dilemmas, Shey’s Southern Baptist mother is making her disapproval of Shey’s parenting known. Throw gorgeous, world-famous professional bull rider Dane Kelly, Shey’s childhood crush, into the mix and you’ve got a story with something for everyone. Each of Shey’s sons is a distinct personality with specific issues which with she must work with her ex-husband John to do what is best for that boy.

 OK , did you all know there is an association:  the Professional Bull Riders Association, which was created in 1992.I learned it here and really enjoyed reading about them, he training of the athletes, and the care taken in breeding the best bulls was very interesting and was presented nicely through the character of Dane, a fictional founder of the PBR, teaching Shey’s youngest son how to be a cowboy.
Also included in the story are brief visits from Shey’s two best friends, Tiana, who we met inEasy on the Eyesand Marta fromOdd Mom Out.

Overall it’s cute little story, easy going and fun and will be a good read to wave summer good – bye..

The book is due at stores Aug 23rd.

Thanks to Brianne@Hachett for the book and for generously giving away 3 copies to my readers..


Aug 12th – Aug 19th

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