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1.     How does your success with your books feel?

Feels great! I am truly blessed. I didn’t know that along with the celebrity comes nonstop work. I didn’t know that writing was so much work. Completing a book is just the beginning.

2.     Can you explain the process of bringing and getting all your books to print?

As a publisher you have to choose the stories that best represents your publishing company. As an author, for me it’s a lot simpler. I have the Thugs Series and I have the Payback series. Then there’s What’s Really Hood where my short story Makin’ Endz Meet is continued in my latest ‘The Golden Hustla.’ In my opinion a series is much easier to pen that starting all over from scratch. lol

3.     What advice would you give to other novelists?

A writer writes. Study and master your craft and this business called publishing. Also, it all comes down to editing, revising, rewriting. Every writer knows that it is an unending process. Every time you read over your work you find areas that you can improve. A writer must know when to stop.  Also, stick to it. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

4.     Who are your favorite Street-lit writers ?

Sister Souljah, Anthony Fields, Cash, K’wan, Nikki Turner, Leo Sullivan, Victor L. Martin, Kwame Teague, Mark Anthony, Al Saddiq Banks, Mike Sanders, Missy Jackson, to name several that could have or already has longevity in this genre. To me that’s the name of the game.

5.     What classics do you like?

1984 by George Orwell, The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, Siddartha, The Golden Lotus, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, As A Man Thinketh, Uncle Yah Yah 21st Century Man of Wisdom, The Prophet, to name a few.

6. What is the future for street lit fiction or fiction writers?

It’s new. Like any other new field it opens up more opportunities for many inspiring writers.

7. What encouraged you to write?

I worked in the prison library so I was surrounded by books. Books that I knew that I could write just as well or even better.

8. What are the obstacles you face while you write and how do you overcome them?

The first is making the time to write. I have to force myself to be disciplined. Without the discipline, you can’t get it done. Second, my brain runs faster than my pen. Lol That obstacle I haven’t figured out how to overcome yet.

9. What are we about to see in future from Wahida Clark ?

I’m working on getting my Thug Series into movies, TV and plays. The Golden Hustla just hit the stores.  Justify My Thug, (Thugs Part 5) will be out in April of 2011. Wahida Clarks Presents Young Adult Fiction will make its debut January 7, 2011. I am very excited about that.

10. Is there anything you would like your readers to know?

If you take a fall you don’t have to stay down. You can stand up and accomplish anything you put your mind to, if you have the discipline to stick to it.

Thanks Ms. Clark and Anna @Hatchett for this awesome interview.

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