I love, love , love “Sherlock Holmes” by Conan Doyle !! Now , what if a huge Holmes fan like me gets his chance to solve a mystery just like Sherlock Holmes did ???

Well, that’s what Harold White got to do in “The Sherlockian” as he attends his first official meeting of the Backstreet Irregulars, a private membership of those individuals who have an deep interest in all things involving Sherlock Holmes. The holy grail of all the members is the elusive diary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which has been missing for years. Only when a member by the name of Alex Cale announces he has discovered it, does the mystery truly begin.

When Alex is found murdered, Harold White takes it upon himself to solve the mystery much like his nemesis, Sherlock Holmes would have.

Author Graham Moore has  been successful enough to emerge me or us readers into two different time periods !! One  representing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle author of “Sherlock Holmes” mysteries and the other Harold White’s mystery of solving Alex Cale’s murder who had Doyle’s original diary in his possession.

For us mystery lovers this is a great book to read this winter, when it’s too cold to be outside anyways..instead settling in this mystery story and unraveling all the clues to solve this murder is much more tempting.

Thanks to Hatchett Book Groups for this review copy.