Plan.  Edit.  Develop.  Review.  Organize.


Well, though not required, Ilike writing a wrap up post for any of my projects it gives me some boundaries and a clear picture of my work !

The goals that I set for myself most of them got accomplished. I set up very few goals since I knew I wouldn’t be able to work on Saturday!So, I had only Friday and Sunday. And also I knew If I had too many on my list I would accomplish nothing but I will be all over the place .

If you go a little bit down you can see the goals I had set for myself. I had crossed out those that are done and those which needs more work, I have updated beside them.

Bloggiesta is hosted by Maw Books , starting today (Jan 21st. 2011) and running till Sunday (Jan 23rd) .

For more details go here . This is my first time here.

Bloggeista is actually a blogging marathon, where you get a chance to complete all the tasks related to you blog that has been lacking or you (if you are like me !) didn’t have time to accomplish ! It can be related to technical stuff  , writing up posts, changing the outlook of your blog whatever work your blog needs !

Your personal tasks aside there are some Mini Challenges that you can participate in.

Here are few tasks that I need to accomplish this weekend :

1. Writing up at least 5 posts for future . (DONE)

2. Setting up a proper work area for me. (a work on progress, since there are family members involved in this and also some moving around of furnitures !)

3. Finding a Blog Buddy (if anyof you is interested pls. leave a comment here or email me @ moncheriblog@gmail.com) { Still looking }

4. Visiting some of my favorite book blogs , which I haven’t done in ages ! (Visited a few, streamlined my favorites so that I can visit often !)

5. Learn how to add Google Friend Connect in my side bar (can anybody help , pls.) (Not Possible for WordPress .com blogs)

6. Set up my Facebook Button on the side bar  (DONE)

7. Create an About Page. (DONE)

Also I will be joining a few Mini Challenges :

That’s it..for me…

I am looking forward to future Bloggiesta Event. Thanks Natasha @ MawBooksBlog for hosting this wonderful event.