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She needed to change her last name. It’s hard to be taken serious in a town when you last name is really Butts. So way before she was born her family had the name changed. Being a devoutly Baptist Southern belle, Georgia Bottoms is well-known in Six Points, Alabama.

The women in the sweet, small town know her for her annual women’s luncheon is which is the occassion for celebration in the small town. She is known for her elaborate menu from Lobster Scallion Shooters to Pizzetta Bruschetta, to her well dressed home and finely decorated table with all the touches that Martha Stewart herself would be jealous of.

Even Georgia Bottoms herself, dressed to the high nines in Ann Lauren and wearing Chanel No. 5 is not about to be upstaged by anyone. Every lady in Six Points awaits Georgia’s luncheon like a child waiting for Christmas.

But that isn’t all Georgia Bottoms is well-known for, just ask the Judge, the local sheriff, the CEO at the bank, the town doctor and even the church minister. Georgia has a day dedicated to every single one of them and none knows about it but Georgia.

However, even the best laid plans can come unglued at the proverbial seams and no amount of planning could prepare Georgia for what’s about to happen.


First of all I loved the book cover and let me tell you after you finish the book you will know this is the perfect representation of the story .
Mark Childress, author of One Mississippi and Crazy in Alabama, does a pretty good job  in ” Georgia Bottoms “. He ia successful in depicting a funny and thoughtful story of a small town life with all its little quirkiness, social customs set in stone and not so idyllic secrets and all the ridiculousness and absurdity of it’s society.

Georgia Bottoms is a proper Southern lady with all the southern manners.  Under that cover of perfection, there is an imperfect and resourceful woman who is forced by circumstances to find a way to make ends meet. Rather than getting a job as a shop girl or a waitress, she comes up with an rather unuasual unladylike solution – making a gentleman happy, six days a week . But she is the most likeable woman and you are going to like her with all her fiestiness.


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