TITLE : The Ice Princess

 AUTHOR : Camilla Lackberg

 TRANSLATER : Steven T. Murray


 PUBLICATION DATE : March29, 2011

 PAPERBACK : 480 Pages

 GENRE : Fiction/Mystery/Suspense

“The Ice Princess” is an intrigu­ing crime fic­tion novel by Swedish author Camilla Läck­berg. The novel tells about writer Erica Falck who comes back to her home­town, a small fish­ing vil­lage, only to find her child­hood girl­friend, Alex, dead. At first it seems that Alex has com­mit­ted sui­cide, but then the story takes some twists and turns and what seems to be a clear cut case turns out to be any­thing but.
Enter police detec­tive Patrik Hed­strom and his bum­bling col­leagues at the Tanumshede police sta­tion. Patrik fol­lows his own clues and intu­itions about the case, while falling in love with Erica, whom he had a crush on since child­hood. Work­ing together, Patrik and Erica (who is plan­ning a book about the mur­der while suf­fer­ing from writer’s block) start to piece together the truth about Alex. The dark secrets which inhibit every small town start to emerge and the peo­ple who would like those secrets to remain buried begin to surface.
Both Patrik and Erica are well devel­oped, inter­est­ing and like­able char­ac­ters. The plot is very good and gets bet­ter as the char­ac­ters of Fjäll­backa start to immerge. Lack­berg does her best to build sus­pense and grad­u­ally lets out secrets about the com­mu­nity in gen­eral and about the mur­der specifically.
Ms. Läck­berg is a very visual writer; she describes the scenes in a few words which gives the reader a vision to work from in their own minds. I read about fur­ni­ture mak­ers I’ve never heard about, design­ers I can­not pro­nounce, and mag­a­zines which seem inter­est­ing enough for me to look through. Need­less to say Google worked over­time dur­ing my reading.
“The Ice Princess” is inter­est­ing but I found it slow at times and had to trudge through the nar­ra­tive at sev­eral places. The story is slow to start and the book only becomes really inter­est­ing towards the lat­ter half. There are lots of twists and turns, sev­eral times I was dis­ap­pointed and thought I solved the mys­tery half way through the book, only to find out I was wrong – and hap­pily so. There are no chase scenes, shoot­ings, brawls or any of the like, the plot woven together tightly with a net spread­ing around the whole sea­side town.

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I received a free copy of The Ice Princess from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. No additional compensation was given.