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Title: Imperfect Enjoyment

Author: Dewan Gibson

Published: Irc Books 2008


 When college instructor Dewan Gibson leaves Cleveland for California, he expects to find a world of breast implants, beer and beaches. Instead he enters a secret and ill-fated romance with a Middle Eastern undergraduate. In this vivid and humorous memoir, Gibson describes his attempts to overcome his forbidden love affair by jumping into an office fling gone wrong (Tijuana Mornings), traveling across the world to Denmark in hopes of meeting “Ms. Booty Mama” (Arhus Ain’t for Lovers) and musing over the interracial relationships between his African-American uncles and “rural white women that wore 1980’s big bangs and resembled Guns N’ Roses groupies” (Too Much Tupac). Toeing the line between stable adulthood and post-college debauchery, Gibson presents a comically honest look at the frailty of modern relationships. Poignant, witty and at times downright hilarious– The Imperfect Enjoyment is a story of toxic relationships and the search for a second chance at love that enlightens and amuses as very few books do.

Author Bio

Dewan Gibson is the author of The Imperfect Enjoyment. He lives in San Diego and enjoys singing “Fair Eastside High” in the bathroom of his local inner-city high school. Dewan has written for the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Defenstration, FreshXpress and Naked With Socks On. The screenplay rights to The Imperfect Enjoyment were recently purchased by a Hollywood comedian of low moral character. The project may never see the light of day. Dewan blogs daily at www.imperfectenjoyment.com and can be found at twitter.com/dewangibson.

My Review :

Let me first tell I enjoyed the books very much but the book is not for everybody more specifically not too many women are going to enjoy it !!! If women are going to read this book , I would definitely suggest it for group reading or for a book club. Mr. Gibson gives a little too much information into the male psyche . There’s combimation of  romance, suspense, action , comedy, and most of all drama and along with all these the core reality  of the whole book which kept my interest going was : Dewan offers insight into the taboo subject of Muslim women pursuing non-Muslim males. 

 Mr. Gibson has done a good job of recounting an imperfect past filled with enjoyment, maybe a little too much, while at the same time in between all the sexual escapades the reader is confronted with their own thoughts and ideas about life, relationships, and friendships.

So if you enjoy reliving your glory dates, past ups and downs, and are candid enough to admit that your enjoyments in life especially as it relates to the opposite sex, were best described as imperfect, then this is the book for you.

Author Interview :

Thanks to Mr. Gibson for taking out some of his valuable time  to answer some of my questions.

1) What prompted you to become a writer?
I grew up with a terrible stutter. Of course this was years before “King’s Speech” made stuttering the “in” disorder. It largely silenced me. Yet it also caused me to be more introspective and observant, which bodes well for writing. I knew then that I wanted to be a writer, or for a short time a national known underwear model in the JcPenney catalog. And look at me now; I am officially a relatively unknown author! Cool!
2. What was your inspiration in writing this book?
I was inspired by loyal readers on Myspace back in the days when it was like a 24 hour nightclub. I was blogging to amuse myself and people caught wind of what they referred to as my “unique voice,” which pretty much meant I was able to cleverly describe my personal inadequacies and shortcomings with women and relate that to something larger and more important. I also wanted to write a book that captured the essence of the times.  Something that people could read down the road and think, “So that’s what post-college life was like during the early 2000s…the Bush years were crazy!”
3. While writing “The Imperfect Enjoyment” did you hit any writer’s block, if so how did you overcome it?

Not really. At times I would get distracted with liquor or “Judge Judy,” but overall the writing flowed easily because the book is honest and organic. I suppose that only happens during an author’s first book or an artist’s first work. After that it’s tough not to become worried about the wants of your audience and sales goals, if only subconsciously.

4. What experience do you want your readers to feel after finishing “The Imperfect Enjoyment?”

I want the reader to be in a mirthful bliss and think, “This is not ‘the type’ of book I usually read, but I like it!” Or as my dad says, “I likes that!” I also want readers to be inspired to live life as they planned to before negative people and/or fertilized eggs altered their dreams. I suppose that relates to the message of the book: Do what you’ll smile at years down the road.

5. What authors/books inspired you? What is your favorite author/book? Currently what are you reading?

I’m a big fan of Walter Mosley and George Carlin. Philip Roth and Charles Bukowski are also great. I get into a bit of Henry Miller and James Baldwin. The Qu’Ran and Bible are cool when I want to read horror. But it’s tough to name one favorite book or author. I’ll say this: Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan is my favorite storyteller. On that note I’m currently re-reading the “Tao of Wu” by The RZA and because Amazon tells me to I’m reading “The Imperfectionists” by Tom Rachman. 

6. What is a typical day in your life?

Morning: Blog and work on side projects, exercise on occasion (modeling underwear in the Penney’s catalog is still in the back of my mind). Afternoon: Write, eat a colorful meal and clear my mind by singing “Fair Eastside High” in the bathroom of my local inner-city high school. Evening: Put my hand on my better half’s stomach and feel the kicking baby, watch a DVD, nap, go to a bar and drink 3-5 beers. Late evening: Come home and turn all the lights on and ruin my girlfriend’s sleep with bad jokes and constant giggling. Early morning: Eat another colorful meal and read and try to avoid sleep paralysis by not sleeping. Then I sleep for a few hours.

7. Are there any other books in future?

This is my first book and my goal is to make a total of three damn good books. If my life span equals that of a suburban woman who lives in a high-income neighborhood and not of a black man living in inner-city San Diego, maybe I’ll have time to write more. My next book will be about my time working in a hypersexual and somewhat dysfunctional free clinic.

8. Is there anything else you want your readers to know about yourself or your work?

I have two framed pictures of Prince on my bedroom wall. He and I have identical chest hair. Enough to rub, not quite enough to braid. As for my work, “The Imperfect Enjoyment” is surprisingly tender and self-deprecating, much more so than most readers expect. But most of all it’s hilarious without being crude or misogynist. Read it! Please…

Thanks to Donald Beyer from Roue Media/Irc Books for the review copy and for arranging the interview with Mr. Gibson.